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Cancellation Page Shipment 0307
Page #
Issue Date
Stamps affixed
Orig Cost
American Eagle (reissued)
ten 25-cent non-denominated coil stamps (10 designs); this is the reissued 0321 Page with all 10 stamps on one Page; two major types are known to exist; see Note below
American Flag
one 37-cent sheet stamp
* Note: As of Feb 22, 2004 we have identified two main types and a few variations of American Eagle 0321A Pages with different placements of the stamps; collectors received only one Page, so it could be any type. From the left in the top row of Pages shown above: Type 1 has all the color-eagle-on-gold-background stamps on the top, and the gold-eagle-on-color-background stamps on the bottom. Type 2 has the stamps affixed right to left in the same order as they are found on the coil liner. Type 2r is the same as Type 2 but with the top row on the bottom and the bottom row on the top, and Type 2x is the same as Type 2 but the "columns" are arranged in the opposite order (except that the gray stamps are still in the left-most "column"). If you have a Page with a different order, please contact the ASPPP webmaster. Further information will appear in future issues of our quarterly Page and Panel Journal. If you're not a member, join us!