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Show and Tell Sep 2002
At the beginning of every month, we'll show you something interesting and unusual in Pages or Panels!

(September 2002) Commemorative Panels are generally collected as issued by the USPS (with a mint block of four or strip of stamps mounted on the Panel.) However, certain Panels have been available for sale at first day sites and have been cancelled with the first day of issue or a philatelic show cancellation. There seems to be two common ways to cancel Commemorative Panels: In one case, the stamps are removed from the mount and affixed to the Panel, and the cancellation is applied to the stamps; in the other case, additional stamps are affixed to the Panel and cancelled, leaving the originally mounted stamps (and the look of the Panel) intact.  Our 4th Quarter 2002 Journal will have two articles on first day canceling Commemorative Panels, and we will soon have an ongoing study in the Journal and on our website to identify every known first day cancelled Panel.