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Show and Tell Aug 2002
As we come across them, we'll show you something interesting and unusual in Pages or Panels.

(August 2002) This is a Stamp Poster, the forerunners of Souvenir Pages. Some dealers had these cancelled on the first day of issue. If you were present at the first day site, you could easily affix any combination of stamps to the poster, resulting in interesting items like the following Plate Block Stamp Poster. Zip Block, plate number single, zip single, socked-on-the-nose (bullseye) cancels, coil line pairs and strips, and combinations of related issues are all known to exist on Stamp Posters. For collectors, it was a little bit harder; the Postal Service affixed the stamps, so even if you asked for a block of four, your chance of actually getting a plate block was low, so receiving one was very exciting!