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Thanks to the following members for their help with research for the society's web site:

Kern Holsinger, John Ngai and Mark Gereb for Panel information.

Scott Janke for updating the spreadsheets listing Souvenir Pages
and Commemorative Panels and for restarting our search for known PNC Pages.

Nick Thurn for assistance on the spreadsheet listing Stamp Posters.

Board Members 1984-2024

 For 40 years volunteers have helped form the ASPPP into what it is today. Thanks to the following members for their service on the ASPPP Board of Directors from 1984 to date (in order of appearance):

Bud Scrantom (deceased), Founder, President (Jan 1984-Nov 1989, Oct 1990-Oct 1991),
Editor (1984, May 1985-Apr 1987, May 1990-May 1992), Treasurer (1984), President Emeritus (Nov 1989-Dec 2008)
John G. Ochsner (deceased), Vice President and Secretary (Jan 1984-Mar 1984)
Randy Appel, Vice President (Mar 1984-Jan 1988) and Secretary (Mar 1984-Jul 1984)
John Nicolini, VP Dealer Relations (May 1984-Sep 1984)
John Remakel, VP Membership (Jun 1984-May 1985), Director at Large (May 1985-Dec 1987)
Virginia Fitz (deceased), Secretary (Jul 1984-Dec 1987)
Dennis Kovener (deceased), Historian (Jul 1984-Dec 1987)
Greg Meyer (deceased), USPS Liaison (Aug 1984-Dec 1987), Director at Large (Nov 1989-Nov 1994, Nov 1998-Dec 2000)
Michael Rosenfeld (deceased), Director at Large (Sep 1984-Dec 1987)
John J. Remaley, Treasurer (Jan 1985-Dec 1995), Secretary (Jan 1988-Oct 1991)
Bob Foster (deceased), Editor (Jan 1985-May 1985)
Charles Simmons, VP Dealer Relations (1985-1987), Director at Large (Jan 1988-Nov 1994, Jan 1996-Dec 1996),
Vice President (Nov 1994-Dec 1995), President (Jan 1997-May 1997)
Ron Walenciak, VP Membership (May 1985-Dec 1988), Editor (May 1987-May 1990, May 1992-Dec 2008, Jan 2010-current),
Vice President (Jan 1988-Nov 1989, Jan 2006-Feb 2009), President (Nov 1989-Oct 1990, Jan 2000-Jan 2006, Feb 2009-current)
Jim Canon (deceased), Director at Large (Jan 1988-Oct 1991, Jan 1997-May 1997, Jan 2000-Sep 2003),
Vice President (Oct 1991-Dec 1995, May 1997-Dec 1997), President (Jan 1996-Dec 1996, Jan 1998-Dec 1999)
Gerald Blankenship (deceased), Director at Large (Sep 1988-Dec 1988, Nov 1994-Dec 2002), President (Oct 1991-Nov 1994),
Membership Director (Jan 1989-May 2016), Vice President (Nov 1989-Oct 1991, Jan 2003-Jan 2006), Secretary (Jan 2006-May 2016)
Ellen Barcel (deceased), Director at Large (Oct 1990-Oct 1991), Secretary (Oct 1991-Dec 1995)
Grace Marchese (deceased), Director at Large (Nov 1994-Dec 1995), Vice President (Jan 1996-May 1997),
President (Jun 1997-Dec 1997)
William Merrick (deceased), Director at Large (Jan 1996-Nov 1998)
John Ngai, Secretary(Jan 1996-Jan 2006, May 2016-current), Treasurer (Jan 1996-current), President (Jan 2006-Feb 2009)
David Weinberg, Director at Large (Jun 1997-Feb 2005)
Gary West, Director at Large (Nov 1998-Dec 1999, Jan 2003-Dec 2006), Vice President (Jan 2000-Dec 2002)
May Day Taylor, Director at Large (Jun 2002-current)
David G. Jones, Director at Large (Jan 2004-Jun 2009)
Bruce Menia, Director at Large (Jan 2007-Dec 2008), Editor (Jan 2009-Dec 2009), Vice President (Feb 2009-Dec 2022), Director at Large (Jan 2023-current)
Scott Janke, Director at Large (Sep 2012-Dec 2022), Vice President (Jan 2023-current)