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International Philatelic Pages
El Salvador  - Germany - India -  Italy -  Palau - Sweden

Collectors of philatelic pages should be interested to know that many countries other than the United States have either "philatelic products" (pages or panels with stamps affixed and sometimes first day canceled) or "stamp announcements" (pages or leaflets showing an image of a new stamp, usually with technical data and ordering instructions). The ASPPP is just beginning to document the existence of these collectibles, and we look forward to having more-detailed web pages for each country in the near future, along with subscription information for current items. We welcome collector assistance for additional information on philatelic pages of the countries listed, and for new countries as well. Please email our webmaster or write to ASPPP, PO Box 1042, Washington Township, NJ 07676 USA. We expect to make frequent changes to these International Philatelic Pages web pages, so visit us often and consider joining us in the pursuit of international page and panel collecting!

 El Salvador
El Salvador stamp announcements are printed in Spanish and include written information on the stamp as well as the stamp itself affixed and first-day cancelled. The only example we have is from 1997. The stamp is affixed inside on a blank page on the right.









Sweden issued two types of stamp announcements in the 80's (since these are the only examples we have, we have not determined the actual time frame or if they still exist). information is generally an approximately 6.5x9.5 inch four-page, four-hole-punched stamp announcement. It includes detailed technical information on the stamp, along with information on the stamp subject (as well as a printed example of the pictorial postmark to be used); it is printed and folded into a four-page brochure, with the stamps on the cover and one page of information and technical data each in English, French and German. Ordering information is also included. information announcements for year sets were printed on both sides of one page. The BULLETIN is an approximately 5.75x8.25 inch one page announcement which lists all stamps to be issued on a specific date. There is very little technical information included, but the Bulletin does include images of the stamps and the pictorial cancellations. We have not seen either type of announcement with stamps affixed and first-day cancelled.