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Regional USPS Pages
In 1987 the Philadelphia Division of the USPS created the "We The People" portfolio of thirteen parchment-like philatelic pages celebrating the bicentennial of the US Constitution. Each page featured an event of the bicentennial celebration, with stamps (or in one case a postal card) and a special or first day cancellation. The original issue price was only $15, postage included, and was sent in three shipments.

Click on the link below for the complete table of We The People pages:

We The People Portfolio

The San Francisco Division of the USPS issued a philatelic panel in 1987 for the first day of the 22-cent Love stamp. The panel was also designed to promote INTELPOST, a USPS service that let anyone send a facsimile transmission to various foreign countries. (A copy of a letter or document could therefore be electronically "mailed" directly to the foreign address.) The item shown is a mint specimen (not used for transmission) and sold for $3.50 in the first day city and by mail; it was also possible to write a message and have it sent for an additional $10 (the panel would be returned to the sender with a second cancellation on the actual date of transmission.) After an initial limit of five panels was lifted, collectors were invited to purchase as many as they wanted.


The USPS produced this silk cachet Year of the Rabbit "Commemorative Panel" for the 1999 Lunar New Year issue. Colorano created the silk cachet. It was used on this Panel, which we believe was produced by USPS Headquarters but seems to have been sold in the western United States, and also used on a No. 10 envelope which was produced on behalf of the USPS/Los Angeles. Note that the special pictorial first-day-of-issue cancellation is different than the standard cancellation used on the Year of the Rabbit Souvenir Page and on most first day covers.