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Our Mission
Our mission is to promote interest in all philatelic pages and panels.

The ASPPP was formed as the "US Souvenir Page Society" in 1984 by the late Bud Scrantom to fill the philatelic void that existed for collectors of US Souvenir Pages (now called American Commemorative Cancellations), Commemorative Panels and Stamp Posters  (the forerunners of Souvenir Pages that appeared on Post Office bulletin boards from 1959-1981). Through our quarterly publication, The Page & Panel Journal, we accumulate and distribute information on these collectibles; we illustrate errors, varieties, oddities and other rarities, and list known plate number coils and booklet-pane plate numbers on Souvenir Pages, as well as watermark varieties of the Pages themselves.

We also update our members with news and events related to Pages and Panels. To encourage collectors to buy, sell and trade Pages and Panels, we allow members to place free ads in each Page & Panel Journal and on this website. Each May through July we run an annual Auction of Page and Panel material (there are generally over 1,000 lots from individual Pages and Panels to year sets to entire collections). You must be an ASPPP Member to bid in the auction or to place items in the auction.

The ASPPP is Affiliate #165 of the American Philatelic Society, and Chapter #87 of the American First Day Cover Society.