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Stamp Posters
Paderewski Champion of Liberty Stamp PosterStamp Posters, the forerunners of Souvenir Pages, were printed to be displayed on Post Office bulletin boards from 1959 (49-Star Flag) through 1981 (Rachel Carson), and were also made available to collectors. They are the same size as Souvenir Pages, 8 x 10-1/2 inches, but were printed on a lesser-quality paper without watermarks.  Initially, Stamp Posters were printed in gray, but then came to be printed in any one of a variety of colors to complement the stamp that was pictured.

Printed by the Government Printing Office, they were available by subscription in mint condition (uncancelled, with no stamp affixed, folded in thirds) and often distributed unfolded ("flat"). Enterprising collectors and dealers had stamps affixed and first day cancelled; since they often affixed their own stamps, many possibilities exist, such as zip blocks, plate blocks, tab singles, coil line pairs and combinations with other stamps.

These items are generally collected with the stamp affixed and first day cancelled, although they can also be collected in "mint" condition (no stamp, no cancellation). Stamp Posters were issued for every US postal issue, including stamped envelopes, postal cards and aerogrammes, and are also known (erroneously, in our opinion) as "Unofficials" or "Poster Bulletins".

Our goal is to list and scan every Stamp Poster issued; links to tables for each year from 1959 to 1981 will be added below as we assemble them.

 To download the ASPPP's Microsoft Excel spreadsheet list of all known Stamp Posters (updated 02/10/2021), fill in the fields below and click submit: