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American Commemorative Cancellation Pages
Souvenir Pages were slightly redesigned and  renamed American Commemorative Cancellations in 2002. The image of the stamp has been removed; the Page number has been reduced in size and is located in parenthesis after the USPS copyright text. Page numbers are four-digit numbers beginning with the two-digit year followed by a two-digit sequence-of-issue number, e.g 0301, 0302, etc. The bond paper is not watermarked in 2002, but it is watermarked in 2003 and later years. When multiple stamps are issued in full sheets or as souvenir sheets, these are affixed to the front of the Page with all text information on the reverse, which is also tinted the same color as the front (Souvenir Pages for full sheets were designed with the text information on the tinted front and the sheet affixed to the reverse, which was white). Cancellation Pages have been issued for every US stamp; they are available by subscription from the USPS,  but can be purchased in year sets or individually from dealers, via ASPPP member ads, and in the annual ASPPP auction (the ASPPP itself does not have Cancellation Pages for sale).

The historical USPS subscription cost of Cancellation Pages (as of the first Page issued that year) follows:

2002: $2.00 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
2003: $2.50 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
2012: $2.95 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.
2014: $3.25 or the face value of the stamps affixed, whichever is larger.

 To download the current ASPPP Microsoft Excel spreadsheet list of all Souvenir Pages and Cancellation Pages issued to date, see the form on the Souvenir Pages webpage.

We are attempting to list and scan every Cancellation Page issued in the tables linked below:

2002  (43 Pages)
2003 (36 Pages)
2004 (38 Pages)
2005 (29 Pages)
2006 (48 Pages)
2007 (47 Pages)
2008 (47 Pages)
2009 (43 Pages)
2010 (26 Pages)
2011 (42 Pages)
2012 (54 Pages)
2013 (46 Pages)
2014 (47 Pages)
2015 (37 Pages)
2016 (42 Pages)
2017 (36 Pages)
2018 (36 Pages)
2019 (33 Pages)
2020 (in progress)